Technoloid presents WaterProof for Android

WaterProof Features

Real Testing

WaterProof uses the barometer sensor to determine your phone is pressurized. If air inside can’t get out then water can’t get in. Simple physics, accurate results.

Time Tracking

The WatchDog Service sends custom crafted LED and VIBRATION notifications to alert you of your time spent underwater so that you can enjoy your pool adventures for as long as possible.

Depth Tracking

Besides the time tracking, the WatchDog Service will also provide depth tracking so that you’ll now when you are reaching the maximum depth allowed by the manufacturer. The WatchDog Service will also start automatically when you submerge your phone. This feature is in research phase.

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What else we provide?

Dead simple UI

The UI couldn’t be any simpler. You have only one job: apply a moderate amount of pressure on THE BUTTON.


Either your phone is waterproofed or not we are offering you the best tips and tricks to keep your phone safe. Don’t forget to close that flaps on the side 🙂

Share the fun

WaterProof app will offer a great gallery of the best underwater videos and pictures that you’ll want to share with other hobbyists.

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