Easy to Save!

Type for example "Memo: RememoBot is a messenger bot that remebers stuff" to save your information.

Easy to Search!

Just type what you're looking after. For exmaple: "What's that bot that can remember things?".

Easy to Share!

It's very easy to share your memos with other friends on Facebook.

Easy to get sarted

So easy to get started, just follow the tutorial. If later you get stuck, you can just type "Info" or "Get Started"

Save your memos!

Just type in "Memo:" followed by whatever you want to save in the most common language. Use words that you know you'll be looking for. Describe the memo in a few words.

Find what you're looking for!

Don't worry! You don't have to remeber the exact same words to find your content. RememoBot is smart enhough to understand what you want. You'll get you're memos in a list sorted by their relevancy.

RememoBot has many more features. See the full list.

Full Features